Panorama will go through hell and sometimes quite literally high water to deliver your kitchen to you

On a recent delivery to a house on the coast of North Wales a Panorama van was stranded on a sandy beach which was the only access to the property in question. The rising tides caused some concern to the drivers of the vehicle but luckily a valiant rescue ensued when a local digger saw their plight and offered them a tow to safety.

But our story doesn’t end there! upon escaping the wrath of the oncoming ocean the delivery team discovered to their horror that the near miss had caused a puncture on one of their wheels. Over a hundred miles from the Panorama offices they knew they had to take the matter into their own hands and like a well-oiled machine they set about getting a new tyre and salvaging the situation.

Not only did Panorama manage to complete the delivery but our much revered team of drivers were back in time for tea.

27 March 0 Views Aaron Nergaard