AEG Mastery Range Training Day

On a warm day in July 2017 six intrepid explorers left the frozen northlands to venture south in search of food and enlightenment. Nothing could have prepared them for what was ahead! Far from meeting sophisticated southern gentlefolk, they were faced with AEG trainers .

A vast collection of new, wonderful and exciting AEG appliances were presented to the gathered throng. The group were then ushered into the cathedral of food, the AEG training kitchen, aghast, ingredients for making pies, bread, soups, cakes and other delicious foodstuffs were thrust upon them with the instruction “Cook!!!”.

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With expertise provided by AEG and a beautiful array of new, exciting, state of the art appliances all was well. The truth is AEGs new range was simple, elegant, cosmetically pleasing and made cooking a pleasure and the intrepid explorers very happy.

AEG Mastery Range Training Day
26 July 0 Views Aaron Nergaard